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Commissioning Services


Commissioning is the process that enables M & E Service installations to achieve their specified environmental operating conditions.


The process ensures that the completed installation is inspected, pre-commissioned (or ‘set to work’), adjusted, tested and regulated so that the environmental services within the building work in accordance with the design specification and deliver the environmental conditions intended.

From a programming point of view, commissioning and balancing activities have to be carried out in a sequence which is not easily varied.


Commissioning activities are, therefore, less flexible than other parts of the installation where alternative sequencing can be scheduled to ensure best use of labour resources and equipment. The process usually follows the following programme.

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Setting to Work

This is the process of setting a static system into motion.


This involves carrying out a sequence of checks to ensure the system is complete, correctly installed in accordance with design requirements and then preparing the system for commissioning or regulation.


The process of adjusting rates of fluid flow in a distribution system within specified tolerances.


This requires the adoption of the methods of proportional balancing as detailed in the CIBSE Commissioning Codes and BSRIA Guide and regulating systems to within specified tolerances laid down in the CIBSE Commissioning codes.

Evaluating the performance of a commissioned installation

This can be defined under one or several of the following categories.

  • Acoustic Tests (Sound Levels)

  • Heat Load Tests

  • Environmental Tests

  • Air Leakage Tests

  • Plant Performance Tests

When we've carried out commissioning, you receive a building with all the services fully operational from day one.

The test results will be documented, witnessed and issued complete with a full schedule of O & M manuals for the buildings maintenance staff. This allows for any subsequent defects or modifications to be identified and appropriate remedial action carried out.


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