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Chlorination Certification

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Water quality and microbiological control are absolutely essential in the safe operation of any residential or commercial water systems, as such water disinfection is a government regulated industry.


All domestic testing, maintaining and installing carried out by A Spec Environmental is to BS 8558:2015 Standards & in line with HSE ACOP L8 & Technical Guidance HSG 274.


So, when it comes to water disinfection and chlorination, as accredited members of the LCA, you can be sure you are in good hands.

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A Spec Environmental are a specialist water hygiene company whose stringent testing procedures give our clients complete confidence in the cleanliness of all water systems, whether drinking water or not.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemical & Microbiological monitoring and sampling and analysis of water

  • Legionella Testing

  • Identifying Organisms known to promote the growth of slime-bacteria and/or corrosion

  • Water Tank and Pipe cleaning & disinfection

  • Water Sampling & Laboratory Testing (Chlorination Certification)


Our range of services is, in fact, comprehensive. Our working practice and capabilities accommodate for at the point of installation or for maintenance – whether domestic tanks; or within major site installations with much external mains pipework; or more localised commercial water systems requiring only the treatment of a small number of outlets.

On top of our Chlorination Certification services, we also provide a specialist analytical consultancy service to clients with large water systems. Tap into our expertise and knowledge to solve complex water contamination issues and to really understand the meaning of the analytical data you have received on your closed water system.

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Upon installation of a new water system, it is a legal requirement for it to be flushed and disinfected (pre-commissioned). Along with this, all new domestic pipework installations, or modifications of same, must also be disinfected before being used.


After the on-site chlorination works we send off the samples to independent UKAS certified water testing services laboratories for the final verification of the integrity of your water. The results of which then completes the process and allow us to issue you your Chlorination Certification.

Our regular clients use our bacteria monitoring services periodically as part of maintaining the water systems – particularly useful for avoiding major system operational problems before they arise.

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